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Special Offers
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About Us

JOIN US. At the end of the day we believe in keeping things simple – just as travelling on a budget should be. For our trips we have selected all our favourite spots, outstanding places to stay and the coolest places to eat and drink as the locals do.

All that is missing are people that think like us who love to travel, see cool places and have a great time. So, if that sounds like your sort of thing, choose one of our trips and join us on an Eastern European adventure you won’t forget.

Knowledge is Power


Our drivers and guides will ensure that you are loaded full of interesting facts, and anecdotes about the different cities and countries. All our discovery tours have been expertly tailored for Eastern Trekker by the best local characters.

All our discovery tours offer a well thought out framework for you to revel in. It makes life on the road so easy. You will be exposed to alot of local contact on city walking tours so that you get a great insight into the thoughts and ideas of the people.

Free Time


We at Eastern Trekker firmly believe that an essential element of travel is time out!  It allows you to be spontaneous.  That's what it's all about.  On every discovery tour you'll have the plenty of time to roam alone.

Our accommodation selections will allow you to live in the East affordably and comfortably. Apart from the best independent hostels in the East, we will also offer small home stays, pensions, boats, hotels and bungalow's in selected locations.


Stay Local

We will provide you with a safe travelling environment.  Our buses pick you up and drop you off at the door, therefore saving that ugly walk around a foreign train station at night. You will also be travelling with other like-minded travellers instead of on slow, sluggish trains, where anything's possible



Being a local tour operator, we feel entirely comfortable showing you the real Eastern Europe. It's a region of startling, natural beauty, jumping, vibrant cities, and an awesome coastal paradise, at prices you'll enjoy! We are Eastern European experts, we judge our drives to be an adventure, we'll mix you amongst the locals, you will return home with stories,  we have pioneered Bosnia, and have spent many a Halloween in Transylvania. Eastern Trekker - for travel thirsty travellers!