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Eastern Trekker has always prided itself on its close relationships with local characters. Over the years touring Eastern Europe we have made some great friends, who have enjoyed close interaction with our guests. Through this experience, we present the Comrades programme.

The programme's name originates from the old communist reign over Eastern Europe whereby comrades were those who were closely related to the party and provided the services which made communism roll.  We have decided to get even closer to our local partners in an attempt to deliver an even better quality product to our guests and reward those long standing believers in the Eastern Trekker way of touring.

A comrade is either a local character or an expat who has made a decision to settle in that city or town. Our comrades are all involved in a business related way to travel or customer services. Our comrades boast a deep knowledge of their city or town's historical past and of famous characters that once walked the city streets. Most importantly our comrades have up to date knowledge of what’s happening at any point in time at the destination - the best new restaurants, top sights to visit, who's playing live and where and the top bars and clubs for awesome nights out. 

A comrade can assist in the quality delivery of our tour products by:-
> Local knowledge in the training of our guides.
> Providing on-the-spot services to travelling guests. E.G tickets to rock festivals, concerts, emergency services, nightclub entrance, and local event info.
> Info on new services, hostels, safe parking places to improve our connections in the destinations.
> Links and connections to local tourism offices
> The continuing supply of quality services to ET.
> Info on new potential products for their region.
> A local contact for ET guides

> To introduce you to our comrades. We have had years now to find the best characters that will make your stay in the east a memorable experience. They provide the best touring or accommodations options to you whilst on tour.
> Web site exposure:  You will be able to research our comrades before you travel.
> We will distribute flyers and any advertisement throughout our travel network for the comrades business.
> The continued promotion of the comrade’s programme to our market, featuring a different comrade each month. 
> Listing the benefits of working with local people – employment for local people, asset retention in the local regions, cultural connections, not just profit grabbing, the strong basis for future development.
> Providing editorial exposure for any essays written by any comrade through high profile magazines in the UK, US, Canada, NZ and Australia.

The comrade’s programme has been designed to reinforce our love for travel in Eastern Europe.  Through working with the best characters in the east, we are showing a commitment to local business, strengthening our ties with the region and ultimately delivering a top tour product to you our travelling customers.

We hope to see you in the east this season with the trekkers!