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Trip Details - Bohemian Trek

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Here is where you will find all the technical detail of your trip.  If there is anything that we can help you with don't hesitate to contact us. 

You can book pre and post tour accommodation through MyTrek.

Accommodation Bohemian

> 1 night hotel multi share
> 2 nights hostel share
> 3 nights apartment multi share

9am Split Hostel Booze & Snooze,

Hostel Plus Prague
After breakfast


Want to chill out on the the Croatian Coast beforehand? check out our Croatia Island Hopper

Want to see more of Western Europe too? - Jump on our Hop On - Hop Off buses around the Northern Loop after you finish in Prague

Inclusions Bohemian

> 6 nights accommodation
> 6 breakfasts
> Wine and cheese tasting on Pag
> Orientation walk of Ljubljana
> Orientation walk of Salzburg
> Orientation walk of Cesky Krumlov
> Prague introduction
> All transport with Guide
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Trip Style Bohemian

The Bohemian trek is styled to immerse you amongst some of Eastern Europe’s most iconic cities, as well as getting you off the beaten track a bit and introducing you to some little hidden gems. The trip is conducted by coach, you will be accompanied by an Eastern Trekker trained guide and an experienced Eastern Trekker driver, both of whom are at your service during the 7 day experience. The style of this trip allows you to meet everyone on board, as there are some group dinners, optional activities, shared accommodation and plenty of free time to get to know fellow travellers. The pace of the trip is easy – going, you’ll experience cities where you’ll be busy and then smaller towns where you’ll be able to sit back a little and relax, so it’s a trip that flows well. Finally, on travel days we break each journey, every 2 hours for either comfort breaks or visiting an important sight. That means every travel day has a highlight, apart from start and end destinations. 

Optional Activities Bohemian

These activities are designed to enhance your trip experience, they locally operated, as our comrades know their city better than we. They do cost you extra, but you’re guaranteed of getting the best value for your money!

> Bled
Emerald river day trip
A full day 8am – 8pm of alpine immersion. Bled lies at the foot of the southern alps, it is startlingly beautiful so our day trip gets you amongst waterfalls, bridge jumping, mountain peaks, swimming, rafting amd all sorts of adventure. The pace of the trip allows everyone to partake, there is a lunch break, car rides, train trips its our big day out.
55 Euro standard 88 Euro with Rafting option.

> Salzburg
The Schnapps farm
A top night of fun and frivolity. This night gives you a close up look at how Schnapps is distilled, allows you to taste a wide variety of locally distilled Schnapps and Liqueurs as well as locally made cider and beer. There is a very hearty meal of ribs, roast potatoes, carrots, salads and tasty vegetarian options to fill even the hungriest passenger. This is top local interaction.
29 Euro 

Budgeting Bohemian

Most activities on this trip are included such as breakfasts, and most city orientation walks. You will however need to spend some money on food, drinks etc.... whilst on tour. We believe that budgeting 30 Euro per day will see you through.

Group Sizes Bohemian

Size matters on trips! This trip carries a max group size of 39 passengers. This way, everyone gets the chance to speak with our crew at length, feel like they belong to the group, and this size group tends to stop little groups forming within the group.

Transport Bohemian

You will travel with ‘mother of pearl ‘our 2009 built beauty of a coach. She offers great leg room, has a top sound system, a bar, and nice comfy seats. The coach is fitted with all modern safety measures, is branded so you won’t lose here and is a pleasure to ride in.

Our Crew Bohemian

They are extensively trained in Eastern European lifestyles, they love the region and are encouraged to tell stories. They are there to make your holiday as good as it gets, by knowing where things are that you need. They will endeavour to provide a comfortable environment in which to travel, introduce you to new destinations and solve any problems that may arise whilst travelling.

What to bring Bohemian

Eastern Europe enjoys a warm spring, generally warm to hot summers and a pleasant autumn. It can rain though! At any time so ensure you bring a rain proof jacket. A good set of walking/casual shoes is essential along with clothes that come under the bracket of smart casual. This way you’ll get into clubs, as well as being comfortable when you’re travelling.  It is always nice to dress up every now and again so include some stylish wear for evenings especially if you plan on clubbing or going to the opera etc.... A money belt or some sort of protection for passport, credit cards  and cash is essential. If you are travelling on from our trip maybe a laundry bag would be handy. Otherwise the usual suspects should be included. A soft shelled back pack does well, although you won’t need to carry it that far, so those with hard suitcase styled, rolly bags are also not disadvantaged.

Money Exchange Bohemian

A lot of countries in the east still use their own currencies, so taking money out of bank machines is generally considered easiest and most effective. Credit cards are excepted although check first before you eat or drink or buy. The Euro is the currency that all others are bound to, so if carrying cash, this is your best currency, as it is sometimes accepted in place of their own. We will always ensure that you know the exchange rates between that currency that you normally use and that which you are about to embrace. We will also give you every opportunity to get local currency on entering new countries and give you advice on how much to extract in each place.