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Don't worry if you question is not frequently asked. We are only a phone call or email away and we love nothing better than whiling away our days chatting about our beloved Eastern Europe. If you are in London you could even pop into our office for a chat - the kettle is always on.

1. What budget airlines fly into Eastern Europe?
Please check out the comprehensive information at www.whichbudget.com

2. Is it possible to buy trek sections?
Yes and it's the perfect way to take a short break if you don't have the time to take a full week off work! For example, you may like to take the Mini Rhapsody trek which is the easiest and most affordable means of getting to Croatia. Spend a day or two discovering buzzing Budapest, then head down to Split via Lake Balaton for a mineral swim before arriving at the stunning Plitvice National Park, an untouched paradise waiting to be explored! Arrive in Split and spend another day or two experiencing the hub of the Croatia coast. How good is a long weekend? Check out our new options to beat the hum-drum of routine life. They will refresh, relax, and add zest to your lifestyle, click here for more information.

3. Can I stop and start wherever I like?
Although Eastern Trekker does not operate as a hop-on, hop-off operator, you do have the opportunity to stop and start at any beginning points. E.G you could start the Bohemian Rhapsody combo in either Split or Prague! This system provides flexibility and independence to be able to take advantage of budget airline deals!

4. Will I double up if I interlink 2 or more Trek's?
Eastern Trekker has been designed so that all our passes can be used as individual one week Treks, or as a two week, three week, four week or a six week grand tour of Eastern Europe!  If you decide to interlink two or more of Eastern Trekker's passes, you will not double up on any of the destinations along our network.  For example, if you decide to interlink the Balkan and the Rhapsody Trek's, you would start your Trek in Prague and travel through Olomouc, Auschwitz, Krakow, Zakopane and Budapest, before linking in with the Balkan trek, which takes you south to Croatia, and Slovenia.

5. If I book 2 or more Trek's, do I have to use these passes consecutively?
It’s entirely up to you how you use your Eastern Trekker passes. If you book, for example, a Bohemian trek pass and a Classic Rhapsody Trek, you may choose to use your Classic Rhapsody Trek in May, and your Bohemian trek pass in August. Eastern Trekker gives you the opportunity to choose how you would like to make use of your precise travel time!

6. Is accommodation included in all of Eastern Trekker treks?
Yes, accommodation is included in the price of all our tours so all you have to do is book your pass and we'll take care of the rest!

7. How much should I budget for a one week Trek of Eastern Europe?
Not only will Eastern Europe pleasantly surprise you with its startling beauty, colourful history and unique cultural experiences, but its dirt cheap prices are sure to please!  The advantage of travelling through Eastern Europe is that even those travelling on a strict budget are able to splurge a little!  If you would like to keep your costs to a minimum, a budget of 20 GBP, or 30 Euro, per day will suffice.  If you have a little more to spend, a budget of 40 GBP, or 60 Euro, will allow you to live like a king!

8. What currencies will I be using across Eastern Europe?
 - Euro (Austria)
 - Koruna (Czech Republic)
 - Zloty (Poland)
 - Leu (Romania)
 - Forint (Hungary)
 - Kuna (Croatia)
 - Mark (Bosnia)
 - Euro (Slovenia))
 - Turkish Lira (Turkey)

The Euro is the best currency to have with you in all destinations across Eastern Europe as countries will accept it, but remember...it is always better to use local currency where possible. Exchange opportunities are everywhere; we will stop and allow you to withdraw local currency from bank machines as well as exchange offices on all treks. Furthermore our guides will give you informed info on how much to withdraw of each currency whilst on tour!

9. How long are the distances between each destination on tour?
Eastern Trekker is not an A to B bus link!! On every travel day we stop along the way to swim, eat, or tour a hidden city. It's an experience!!!   We are lucky to have so many interesting destinations so we do stop to check them out. A normal day begins at 8am and sometimes we are not finished until 8pm. That’s the nature of our tours. We offer brand new 39 seater coach on the Classic Rhapsody, Rhapsody and Bohemian Treks, that comes fully equipped with panoramic windows, a bar on board, a driver and guide, a top sound/DVD system and big comfy seats on our core trek products, to ensure that your time spent travelling is in style and comfort!

10. Is my accommodation booked for me once my reservation is confirmed?
Yes, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!  Upon booking an Eastern Trekker pass you are automatically booked into shared accommodation at only reputable Hostels/hotels/bungalows/family homes/pensions.  If you would prefer to upgrade to a private room, all you need to do is upgrade you’re booking and we'll do the rest!

11. Am I able to change my departure dates?
One of the advantages of booking an Eastern Trekker pass is that it allows you to be completely flexible with your travel dates.  If you would like to change your travel dates, please send us an email with your actual travel date, Booking ID (contained on your invoice) and new travel date to info@busabout.com (terms and conditions apply).  Naturally, for our event treks (e.g. Festive Treks), date changes are not possible. 

12. Do you offer student discount?
Great savings can be made if you hold an ISIC or ISE student card on all our treks.  Make sure you let us know at the time of booking and the discount will be applied.  You will need to show this card when you check in for any of our treks. If you do not produce this at checkin you will be charged the difference between the normal brochure price and the discounted price in addition to an administration fee of £25.  To purchase your ISE student card click on the ad below and start saving now!

Student Discounts 
13. Are there Age restrictions?
As we are the leading youth travel tour operator in Eastern Europe, the majority of our passengers are in the 18 - 35 age bracket and the style of tour reflects this. The minimum age on all tours is 18. There is no maximum age. As long as you are reasonably fit and have a good sense of fun, we are sure you will have a fantastic time!